Indoor Composting

Want to compost, but don’t have outdoor space for a compost pile? No problem, you can compost indoors with the help of red wiggler worms (Eisenia fetida). An indoor worm bin can be made out of plastic or wood, and should have air holes and a tight fitting lid. Next you need to provide bedding, in the form of damp shredded newspaper, and 3 pounds of your delicious food scraps per week so your worms can make "worm castings" and within 3 months you will have your own homemade compost.


worm_condoIf you would like to learn more about indoor composting, please join us at one of our Indoor Worm Composting Workshops. The Ecology Center also sells worm condos and red wiggler worms at our Union Square Greenmarket location.


See directions for do-it-yourself instructions.